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CCG Sea Hunters

Marine craft innovation,
technology and design
by Aguiladesign.

Technology and design transfer
by Aguiladesign,
evaluated by intelectual property.
For these crafts Aguiladesign would like to conceive licenses.
Please contact us if interested.

Research and development: Universidad Las Colinas
Design: Jan Gielens
Technical analysis by L.M.S. Louvain Measurements Systems International, Belgium
Technical/study report: department of fluid mechanics of the University of Ghent, Belgium
Financial prognesis: Ernst&Young of by Arthur Young Management
Market study: Guy Dixson
Patents: Patent Office Gevers, Brussels
Work plans and building process: Sea&Yachting, Bredene, Belgium
Construction of the propellers: Poncelet, Brussels
oiMarketiar Aviation S.L. Ing. Weydema
Presentation and modelling: D3FORM Studio, Florida