Breaking is a super high speed marine craft provided with an exceptional flexible conduction.
Its innovative behaviour, as accurate as a swiss watch, is due to keeping the centre of gravity under control by manipulating the pressure on it by means of a moveable motorhome with appropiate engine and propeller for steering and propulsion. The vehicle is capable of very fast unnoticed surprise operations in an extensive operational area: in regions with short waves, such as coasts, lakes, gulfs, interior lakes, rivers, large deltas,...

The speed depends on the chosen drive, from 60 Km/hour up to high and very high speed. The precise dates will show from the tests. Stool equipped with security belts and armour. By using a light type of motors, consumption is lower and maintenance easy.
By its sportive way of operating, its high cruise speed, its short curves taking without having to decrease much speed, its high and precise commanding, its flexibility and safety and its never seen aggressive although harmonious design, the “Breaking” is a superior marine vehicle.

Under the body there is a fin which has a hydrodynamic function, even when the vehicle is not in motion, so that the boat is very comfortable and light on the water surface.

Background Image

“It runs over the waves instead of ploughing through them"

Technical characteristics

- Width: 2,99 m.
- Length: 3,66 m.
- Length of the foil board: 1,70 m.
- Construction by HD foam and fiberglass
- Engines: light Gobler Hirth with air propulsion, cycle 65hp, dual carburetor, electric start, gearbox and fuel injection (basic weight of one engine is 31 kg).
- Propeller: 0,77 m.
- 2 petrol tanks of 40l each.
- CE-classification: C-inshore up to and including 6 Beaufort, wave height max. 2m.

Specific qualities

Aggressively and high manoeuvrability.
The boat is fast from the start on and even at taking curves.

It can stop quickly during any manoeuvres while it stays perfectly manageable.

It is safe, reliable, it doesn’t jerk and won't turn over, or capsize.

Construction budget at disposal Market combinations

- Transport for 2 passengers.
- Applications for civil purposes as transport for people and freight.
- Recreational and sport activities.
- Exploration missions.
- Humanitarian operations.
- Coastwatch.
- Defense purposes.
- Marine taxi (up to two passengers).

More market combinations

The principle of the craft can be additionally developed for more people and freight (due to its high payload capacity).
As to the compatibility of licenses it does appear unlikely to us that producers of defense materials will accept that the same marine vehicle with such expansive behaviour and possibilities would be brought to the free market as transportation craft or commercial craft, race or sports craft.